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DONE available now for iPad and Android — for free!

my graduation project DONE — Explorations in Art, Crafts and Science is now available in the App Store for iPad and Android Market.

View 29 projects I did in during studying Applied Art and Design at FH Düsseldorf, between 2008 and 2011. You can pan through panoramas, cycle through time lapses with your finger, paint on the page and experience many other interactive elements throughout the magazine.

All projects can be commented and shared via Facebook, twitter and eMail. 

My magazine DONE is 2011 Max Awards Finalist in the category digital publishing. You can vote for it the week after Sept 27. Give me your voice to get a chance to win this award against Martha Stewart Living and Morris Lessmore. Will post details soon.

Watch a video or read more:
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Download it now for your iPad or Android Tablet for free and let me know what you think — or give it a review in the App Store!

Thank you.

Hate Actually | The Hairpin


I wrote a glorified listicle about Love Actually in which each of the nine subplots is examined. By “examined” I mean BULLET POINTS AND EXCLAMATION MARKS.

With its cast of international superstars, 135-minute running time, nine interconnecting subplots, and ostentatious tagline “The Ultimate Romantic Comedy,” Richard Curtis’ Love Actually seems to have made its way into the pantheon of Christmas classics by sheer force alone. It’s a glossy, big-budget film with borderline-detestable examinations of love and romance containing perhaps three genuine moments that seem to be of our own universe, but Love Actually is one terrible Christmas movie that has strong-armed its way into the hearts of millions (including my own) despite being absolutely terrible. And this is why.


First, a joke:

Corgi walks into a bar and asks for a drink.
Bartender tells the corgi, “Sure, it’ll be $2.”
Corgi says “I’m sorry, I can’t pay that.”
Bartender asks “What kind of corgi can’t even pay for his own drink?”
Corgi replies “PemBROKE”

Corgum - (noun)

Corgum is the plural of corgi.  It can be a group or pack of corgis, generally being ridiculous.  You can sometimes use it when a single corgi is being silly or weird, such as “Why are you riding that skateboard, silly corgum?”

Beware of large packs of corgum.  They can suffocate you in derp or wipe out your supply of peanutbutter.

Definition has been verified in this video.


August 15, 1248 - foundation stone of Cologne Cathedral was laid.
August 14, 1880 - Cologne Cathedral was completed.  

This photograph taken on April 24, 1945 shows the Cologne Cathedral standing undamaged while the entire area surrounding it is completely devastated. Railroad station and Hohenzollern Bridge lie damaged to the north and east of the cathedral. 

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